We’ll find solutions to non-standard problems

If you don’t know what to do with your problem, come to us. Together we will figure out what’s the matter, how to develop your business, who can help, how much it costs, what to observe, what to choose, where to optimize, to whom to sell, how to improve, and what to expect.

in any industry,

We feel at ease in any unfamiliar field. It’s a skill we’ve specially trained for many years, solving a variety of problems in all kinds of industries. For us, the new is an asset, not a liability.

with meta-tools

We can examine and visualize the state of affairs, analyze data, design business models, project the functionality of products and services, do market research, develop strategies, think systematically, ask questions and speak clearly.

and our team.

Our team includes thinkers, experts in various fields and industries, specialists responsible for specific tasks. In addition, we have built a large network with talented and experienced people, whom we invite to individual projects.
Bogdan Kravtsov

Entrepreneur, analyst, linguist, artist and thinker

Olga Dymarskaya

Sociologist, teacher, expert in education and vocational guidance

Alexander Balaba

Scriptwriter, game designer, producer

Anton Snyatkovsky

Editor, corrector, fact-checker

Kurt Liedwart

Electronic music producer, UI & UX, product and web designer

Our work is research, idea and implementation

Inveniemus team will accompany you all the way from analyzing the situation to a workable solution. We will monitor the implementation, adjust the path, evaluate the results. We do not advise, we invent and accomplish.

Responsibly, individually and on a large scale

Inveniemus is a special forces team, which solves your problem personally, not an agency that makes money looking for contributors.

Our work is not based on templates. Every task is special for us. We ask a lot of questions to model your situation and find a unique solution.

Our strength is our broad outlook and our ability to keep complex systems in our heads while maintaining clarity for ourselves and for others.

Additionally, we suggest:

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We have already invented

Escape-room network «Claustrophobia»,

We have created the industry, made the largest international network of quests in the world. We have built a franchise, designed a loyalty system with gamification, created unique products.

neobank «Finangel»,

We have held strategic sessions, analyzed global financial services markets, and suggested the area of work. We have designed the product’s functionality and built user cases.

Online course on analytics
for Yandex.Practicum,

We have participated in the design of the course on analytics and Data Science. We have invented the content, format, and business processes.

Business Intelligence department
at Karuna IT-company.

We have built the Business Intelligence department, raised the company’s analytics to a higher level, implemented analytical development strategy, trained analysts.
Taught to make money

Bogdan advised us to repeat itineraries rather than create new ones, and explained why travel places are not sold..

The value of the advice turned out to be enormous. Even after 3-4 years, facing difficult issues, we recall, «Do you remember what actions Bogdan recommended in such situations?» So that’s what we’ll do!

Anastasia Klepova

Travel organizer at «Glukhoman.GO»

Created a Business Intelligence department

The value brought to the company is an increase in the level of competence of analysts in the team. A critical look at the tasks and projects in the process of their implementation. Alternative, unconventional thoughts and ideas.

Recommended for research institutes, R&D, large-scale startups (spinout) in big companies.

Maxim Dzyuba

CEO of «Karuna»

Helped develop naming and branding

We worked on naming and branding. Their team helped us to come up with something unusual, they treated the task like artists. I didn’t know much about this issue.

If I have an unconventional task, if I need to come up with something new, something that did not exist before, then I will ask them for a service again.

Denis Kascheev

Founder of the «Mal da Velik» — chain of kindergartens.

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